Brandon Community Options Inc.

Brandon Community Options Inc. is a non-profit agency committed to improving the quality of life for people who have been described as having a mental handicap by providing them with a home and a life in their community.  Community living begins with the basics. Brandon Community Options Inc. believes that by supporting the individual to be fully integrated and accepted as a valuable member of society is a paramount to insuring quality of life.  Living in an ordinary house in the neighborhood is the first step.  Our goal is to provide residential options. Some people live in group homes and others live semi-independently in apartments. Our homes are typical of the neighborhood in which they are located. The people living in the homes have become another family living in the community.

Living and Learning Together


Brandon Community Options Inc. has its roots in the community. In the late 1970's, the sister of a young handicapped man had a vision for his future. The vision was to provide him, along with three other young adults, with a home in the community. After incorporating in 1980, Brandon Community Options Inc. opened its first two homes. Many homes and apartments are now in full operation.

Today BCO Inc. continues to be governed by a voluntary board of directors. Board members are elected from family members and concerned citizens who share the belief that all people, regardless of any handicap, can lead a life of dignity and respect. The board is responsible for setting all policies that make the dream a reality. Implementation of these policies are accomplished by administrative and direct care staff.  BCO Inc. is funded by the province of Manitoba, and to a lesser extent fund raising activities and grants. Most of the funding is returned to the community in a variety of ways. BCO Inc. is a much needed service in Brandon, both for the people we serve and for the city itself. With the numbers of people we employ and the homes for which we purchase goods and services, we contribute a great deal to the strength of the community.

Mission Statement

Brandon Community Options Inc. believes that all people are valuable citizens and should be recognized for what they can contribute to society.  Brandon Community Options Inc. exists to provide support to people with special needs to live, learn, work and find acceptance within the community that they live.  Brandon Community Options Inc. is responsible to the people that we serve to provide comfortable, well maintained houses and apartments, well trained staff to ensure support, and financial resources to ensure basic needs are met.